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Top Five Reasons Pheromones Don't Work

You Purchased a Scam

I have many competitors that are also running review sites. Allow me to tell you what we all have in common: we want to make money. It's true! Do a search on affiliate links and you'll begin to understand what a mess much of the internet has become.

If you follow reviews religiously, you may find yourself with a product that doesn't contain pheromones but earns the owners of those review sites boatloads of cash.

On Pheromones Reviewer I promise that I will NEVER purposefully recommend a pheromone product that is a scam. Always be careful, folks. If it isn't working, it could be due to the product being fake.

Overconfidence and Bragging

Now that you're wearing pheromones, that doesn't mean you can just act like an ass and expect results. Don't talk down to anyone, girls or guys. Gentle confidence, a sense of humor (that is, not being too serious), and the ability to complement are important whether or not pheromones are in the equation. Be wary of overstepping your boundaries - but let them know with visual cues (smiling, winking, touching, whatever you like best) that you are available and desire them.


Pheromones are very unlikely to produce miracles for you, so get that out of your head right now. They will not land you the hottest babe/dude on the planet just because you put them on. More often than not, the girl or guy you are trying to attract is simply not in the right mood or too tired for the pheromones to work properly. With repeat attempts and a bit of scientific experimentation (as best we can, of course), you WILL get results. But it takes time and patience, like with anything!

Revealing Your Secret

This is a problem I tend to have: when faced with a very simple choice, by default, I always tell the truth. I have difficulty with lying when face-to-face. If a girl or guy asks "what kind of cologne are you wearing?" you do not need to answer. Until you are in a steady relationship and they are attracted to more about you than just your smell (and yes that will happen), I believe it is ethically sound to simply pose another question or avoid it altogether. Only you can decide when to reveal that you've been using pheromone cologne or perfume. Wait until you are very comfortable with one another in the relationship (if it evolved into that).

For the record, I didn't have to deal with this problem with my current girlfriend, or I'd gladly offer advice. But I know her well enough now to know she wouldn't have cared anyways. She knows I'm a winner with or without an added smell. Find someone like that, and you are bound to be happy.

TOP REASON: You Over-Applied

Have you ever tried talking to a girl that has an absolutely overpowering, dizzying perfume? In this kind of situation, you feel sick, not turned on. This effect is only compounded for pheromones because they have the potential to change a person's behavior entirely. It is very important that you never screw this up with a person you want to date. What is worse - coming across as a normal person, or acting like a smelly jerk? Always err on the side of caution with pheromones. The risk is not worth it unless you will be near total strangers and just don't care.

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